Hey there! 👋 I'm Rom, a passionate web developer with a knack for crafting digital experiences that shine.

Turning complex ideas into elegant, user-friendly websites is my superpower.

My journey started with a fascination for coding and a drive to turn ideas into reality. Over the years, I‘ve not only mastered the art of coding languages and frameworks but have also cultivated a deep understanding of user experience and conversion-focused design. I‘m a firm believer that a website‘s speed and efficiency can make or break its success, which is why I‘m committed to creating lightning-fast, seamless online platforms.

Constantly on the hunt for the latest industry trends and cutting-edge techniques, I pride myself on staying ahead of the curve. From responsive designs that adapt beautifully to any device, to crafting intuitive user interfaces that guide visitors seamlessly toward the ‘Buy Now‘ button, I‘m all about results.

So, whether you‘re a startup aiming to make a splash or an established brand looking to revamp your online presence, I‘m here and excited to collaborate. Let‘s work together to create a website that doesn‘t just showcase your offerings, but also turns curious visitors into loyal customers. Get in touch, and let‘s transform your digital dreams into reality!


HTML and CSS (BEM, Styled Components) / Javascript / Typescript / React / Gatsby.js / Wordpress / UI and UX Design / Conversion Rate Optimization / Agile Methodologies / SEO / GraphQL

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